AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

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Cuprins Curs

1. Azure technology development solution

M01: Select an appropriate compute solution

L01: Take advantage of appropriate design and connectivity patterns

M02: Design for hybrid topologies

L01: Virtual networking
L02: Hybrid networking

M03: Select an appropriate storage solution

L01: Address durability of data
L02: Caching
L03: Measure and plan throughput and structure of data access

2. Develop for Azure storage

M01: Develop solutions that use Azure Storage tables

L01: Connect to Azure Storage
L02: Design and implement Storage tables
L03: Query a table by using code

M02: Develop solutions that use Azure Cosmos DB storage

L01: Azure Cosmos DB
L02: Choose the appropriate API for Azure Cosmos DB storage
L03: Manage containers and items in Cosmos DB storage
L04: Create, read, update, and delete tables in Azure Cosmos DB storage by using code

M03: Develop solutions that use file storage

L01: Implement file shares for an Azure storage account
L02: Migrating content to and between file shares

M04: Develop solutions that use a relational database

L01: Create, read, update, and delete database tables by using code
L02: Implement SQL Dynamic Data Masking

M05: Develop solutions that use Microsoft Azure Blob storage

L01: Create a Shared Access Signature for a blob
L02: Asynchronously move items in Blob storage between containers
L03: Set Blob storage container properties in metadata

M06: Develop for caching and content delivery solutions

L01: Azure Redis Cache
L02: Develop for storage on CDNs

3. Develop Azure Platform as a Service solutions

M01: Creating App Service Web Apps
M02: Creating Mobile Apps
M03: Creating an App Service Logic App
M04: Creating an app or service that runs on Service Fabric
M05: Creating Azure Functions
M06: Scheduling bulk operations
M07: Create solutions that use Azure Kubernetes Service
M08: Developing apps for Azure Media Services

5. Implement security in Azure development solutions

M01: Implement authentication

L01: Implement authentication in applications
L02: Implement multi-factor authentication

M02: Implement access control

L01: Claims-Based authorization
L02: Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) authorization

M03: Implement secure data solutions

L01: Encryption options
L02: End-to-end encryption
L03: Implement Azure confidential computing
L04: Implement SSL/TLS communications
L05: Manage cryptographic keys in Azure KeyVault

6. Develop for an Azure Cloud Model

M01: Develop for asynchronous processing

L01: Implement parallelism, multithreading, and processing
L02: Implement Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps
L03: Implement interfaces for storage or data access
L04: Implement appropriate asynchronous computing models

M02: Develop for autoscaling

L01: Implement autoscaling rules and patterns
L02: Implement code that addresses singleton application instances
L03: Implement code that addresses a transient state

M03: Develop long-running tasks

L01: Implement large-scale, parallel, and high-performance apps by using batches
L02: Implement resilient apps by using queues
L03: Implement code to address application events by using webhooks
L04: Address continuous processing tasks by using Azure WebJobs

M04: Implement distributed transactions

L01: Identify tools to implement distributed transactions
L02: Manage the transaction scope
L03: Manage transactions across multiple databases and servers

M05: Enable the search of textual content

L01: Create an Azure Search index
L02: Import searchable data
L03: Query the Azure Search index

M06: Instrument an app or service and implement logging

L01: Configure instrumentation in an app or service
L02: Configure a logging service

7. Implement Azure development integration Solutions

M01: Manage APIs using API Management

L01: Analyze recommendations on security center
L02: Create an API Management instance
L03: Configure authentication and policies for APIs
L04: Create an API gateway

M02: Configure a message-based integration architecture

L01: Configure an app or service to send emails
L02: Configure an event publish/subscribe model
L03: Configure the Azure Relay service
L04: Create and configure a notification hub
L05: Create and configure an event hub
L06: Create and configure a service bus
L07: Configure an app or service with Microsoft Graph

M03: Develop an application message model

L01: Create an event model
L02: Create topics and subscriptions

8. Develop Azure Cognitive Services Bot and IoT solutions

M01: Develop Azure Cognitive Services solutions
M02: Create and implement bots
M03: Create and implement IoT solutions

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