Starting July 2020, Microsoft is launching the Enterprise Skills Initiative (ESI) campaign to support skill processes in azure cloud-consuming organizations and increase the number of certified cloud professionals.

Bittnet through leading Learning Partners Association and in partnership with Microsoft, is for the second year in a row, the only learning partner in Romania that joins the program. Bittnet supports on the local market the enlistment of clients in the campaign and delivery of training programs as well as certification vouchers.

What benefits do you have as an on-board customer in ESI?
  1. together with learning consultants from Bittnet or Microsoft, we are building a Skills Plan for your organization: this skills plan will map your organization’s need for cloud training and certification. At the end we’ll have a clear picture for the coming year
  2. you will benefit from a schedule of classes both local, with delivery in Romanian and globally, to address the company’s subsidiaries from other countries
  3. you get seats to LED instructor classes delivered by Bittnet at preferential a price
  4. receive a certification voucher for each participant in these classes
  5. if the need for training exceeds the number of seats allocated in the program, you get free additional access to the classes in the special Microsoft schedule, after you have consumed the seats at the preferential price allocated in the program
What are the conditions for enrolling in the program?
  1. to be an Azure consumer
  2. have at least 20 employees you want to certify in the cloud
  3. have a Skills Plan made up with one of Bittnet’s consultants
What is our experience with previous Microsoft cloud skill based programs?

Between July 2019 and June 2020 through Bittnet, more than 600 professionals received cloud training as part of the Technical Skills for Business (current ESI) campaign.

Find out more about this success and future goals in the video below:

Enterprise Skills Initiative FAQ

What is the Enterprise Skills Initiative?

Only 16% of organizations have the skills and processes required to create a successful cloud environment. The Enterprise Skills Initiative (ESI) is a program designed to build the technical skills for businesses with customized Skilling Plans that include free and discounted training and certification offerings. As we work with customers to digitally transform their businesses, a top request we hear is that they want a clear path to improve the technical skills of their teams to make the most of their technology investments. By facilitating our customer’s Azure skilling, ESI is helping customers reach their business goals – both for their success and ours. Azure skills drive consumption and accelerate adoption of new workloads.

Who should attend these courses?

These courses are designed for IT professionals, IT managers, business users and technical decision makers.
Can I attend more than one course?
Yes, you can attend more than one course but you cannot attend the same course more than once. Speak to one of our leading local training member or training manager for more information.

Will I pass my international Microsoft exam after completing an online course?

You will receive pre-course content prior to the training event. It is advised that participants take the time to work through as much of the pre-course content as possible to ensure a better online and in-person instructor-led experience. Remember to ask our leading local training providers about a practice exam to increase your chances of passing the final Microsoft exam.

When do I receive my books?

Microsoft official courseware will be distributed to participating students on or before the course start date. Each student will receive a DMOC that can redeemed using the Skillpipe app. Visit to setup your profile and redeem your book code voucher.

When do I receive my exam voucher?

Participating students will receive access to a Microsoft learner experience portal (LxP) where you will have the opportunity to redeem and schedule exams for recommended certifications via a voucherless experience.

How do I access Accelerate Skills Academy?

Once your booking is confirmed, our local leading training members will send you a confirmation e-mail with a hyperlink attached. Click on this link and create your account on the Accelerate Skills Academy or your organization’s existing Skills Academy portal and complete the relevant course anytime from anywhere on any device. Internet access will be required as course content is not available for download.

How do I redeem my exam voucher?

These voucher codes can be used to obtain one free exam for certification. Participating students can visit to register and take an exam. During this process, you can issue the voucher number for payment. Be sure to look out for our leading local training members registered test centers.

What are the different course types (delivery methods)?

Classroom: In-Person
Full-day instructor-led training delivered in the classroom (public) or at your offices (private). Training takes place Monday through Friday. Includes complete course coverage.

Classroom: Virtual
Virtual instructor-led training delivered online. Training takes place in the form of sessions between Monday and Friday. Includes complete course coverage.
Hybrid: In-Person or Virtual
A combination of online study and 2-days virtual or classroom live-based exam prep workshops. These courses are delivered in a blended format, consisting of 4-6 weeks self-study, plus full 2-days instructor-led workshops per person per exam.
The live virtual course is scheduled over a period of 3-4 weeks. During this time 6-8 instructor-led contact sessions of 3 hours each take place. This time is indicated on the respective course as 3-4 days. When you click on “Timetable” during the booking process, you will already see when the next live sessions will take place. These sessions are recorded and made available to students at the end of the course. During these 3-4 weeks, students will always have direct access to the expert instructor and can ask questions if something is not clear during self-study. We call this aspect mentoring. Everything takes place on one Microsoft Team channel per class. During this time students will have access to all sessions and information within the class. After those 3-4 weeks, students receive an additional week to prepare and then take the test, either in-class or at home.

How do i redeem my Microsoft Azure Pass?

Creating an Azure Pass subscription is a two-step process.
1. Redeem your Azure Pass Promo Code
2. Activate your subscription

Step 1: Redeeming a Microsoft Azure Pass Promo Code:
• Open a browser and navigate to is recommended you close all browsers and open a new In-Private Browser session. Other log-ins can persist and cause errors during the activation step.
• Click the start button to get started.
• Enter your account login information and select “Sign In”.
• Click “Confirm” if the correct email address is listed.
• Enter your promo code in the Promo code box and click “Claim Promo Code”.
• It may take up to 5 minutes to process the redemption.

Step 2: Activate your subscription:
• When the redemption process is completed, it will redirect to the sign-up page.
• Enter your account information and click “Next”.
• Click the agreement checkbox and click the Sign-up button.
• It may take a few minutes to process the request.
• Your Azure subscription is ready
• You can check the balance of your Azure Pass Credits on

There are no scheduled dates for the course i want to attend in my country, who can i contact?

If you cannot find a scheduled date for the course you wish to attend please contact and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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