Oracle Database 11g – Administration Workshop II Ed 2

During this course you will gain a much deeper understanding of possibly the most important job of a DBA – backup and recovery. You will learn the concepts and architecture that support backup and recovery, along with the steps of how to carry it out in various ways and situations, are covered in detail, including how to define and test your own backup and recovery scenarios. The DBA also learns how to manage memory effectively and how to perform some performance evaluation and tuning tasks, including using some of the advisors. You will also cover all types of flashback technologies, scheduling jobs inside and outside of the database, and controlling system resource usage.

Cui i se adresează?

This course is aimed at Database Administrators, Support Engineers, Technical Administrators and Technical Consultants.

Ce vei învăța?

Upon completion you will know how to:

  • Automate DBA tasks with the Scheduler;
  • Diagnose and repair data failures with Flashback technology;
  • Manage space to optimize database storage and to be able to respond to growing space requirements;
  • Monitor and manage major database components, including as memory, performance, and resources;
  • Secure the availability of your database by appropriate backup and recovery strategies.

Cerințe preliminare:

Students need to have:

  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I Release 2 (mandatory);
  • Oracle Database 11g Database Administration;
  • Working knowledge of SQL and how to use PL/SQL packages.

Agenda cursului:

Materialele de curs sunt în limba Engleză. Predarea se face în limba Română.

Este recomandat să continui cu:

Nu există cursuri recomandate după finalizarea acestui curs.

Programe de certificare

Nu sunt programe de ceritifcare pentru acest curs.

Oracle Database 11g – Administration Workshop II Ed 2

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Modalități de livrare

Predare în clasă, Clasă hibridă, Clasă virtuală

Nivel de specializare

5. Specialized

Roluri asociate

Database Administrator

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