Cisco SSFAMP – Securing Cisco Networks with Sourcefire FireAMP Endpoints

In this course you will learn about the features of FireAMP software.

The focus of this course will be on hands-on experience with regards to Sourcefire Advanced Malware Protection technology and it’s deployment, management and analysis.

Who needs to attend

Who needs to attend?
This course is aimed at security administrators, security consultants, network administrators, system engineers and technical support personnel.

what you will learn

What you will learn
Upon completion you will know how to:

  • Understand the architecture and various components of FireAMP and FireAMP cloud
  • Understand security concerns around malware and how attacks unfold
  • Understand and navigate the FireAMP interface, dashboard, and its components
  • Manage malware detection mechanisms
  • Understand advanced policy configuration for endpoints
  • Understand how to deploy and distribute the FireAMP connector
  • Understand file analysis and FireAMP reporting
  • Understand the private cloud offering

Students need to have:

  • Technical understanding of TCP/IP networking and network architecture
  • Basic familiarity with the concepts of malware detection
Course outline

Course Outline

1. FireAMP Overview and Architecture
2. Console Interface and Navigation
3. Outbreak Control
4. Endpoint Policies
5. Groups and Deployment
6. Analysis
7. Analyzing Case Studies
8. Accounts

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