Cisco DCUCTS – Data Center Unified Computing System C-Series Troubleshooting v1.0

In this course you will learn how to install, troubleshoot and configure UCS C-Series servers operating in standalone mode.

You will also learn about different troubleshooting scenarios as well as recommended solutions with regards to level 1 and level 2 integration problems.

Who needs to attend

Who needs to attend?
This course is aimed at anyone whose responsibilities include solving level 1 and leve 2 UCS C-Series Standalone Server issues.

what you will learn

What you will learn
Upon completion you will know how to:

  • Review the UCS C-Series product platform with an emphasis on feature support
  • Describe the initial setup, configuration, and connectivity to ensure proper Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) operation
  • Review the UCS C-Series troubleshooting methodology as well as present common configuration challenges
  • Describe CIMC utilities that enable performance validation and facilitate data gathering activities for troubleshooting purposes
  • Describe the process to download firmware updates by using Host Upgrade Utility (HUU)
  • Perform server BIOS updates with various methods
  • Describe the correct process to update the server BIOS by using the EFI shell
  • Describe the correct process for recovering a UCS C-Series server by using a USB Recovery Module
  • Describe the features and benefits of the UCS C-Series P81E Virtual Interface Card (VIC)
  • Perform the proper network (LAN) configuration steps for the P81E VIC
  • Describe common troubleshooting issues and recommended solutions for the UCS C-Series P81E VIC
  • Review the Cisco VIC P81E SAN configuration and vHBA properties
  • Describe the Fibre Channel over Ethernet Initialization Protocol (FIP) and validate its proper configuration
  • Describe the process for determining P81E configuration-related problems
  • Review and introduce the RAID controller options for the UCS C-Series servers
  • Introduce the SAS Extender and Expander options for the C-Series servers
  • Configure the LSI 1068E, LSI 9261-8i, and the software ICH10R RAID controllers
  • Identify the symptoms and recommended solutions of RAID adapter and disk failure modes
  • Describe the steps for installing an operating system onto a local disk
  • Describe the steps for installing an operating system by using a SAN boot
  • Describe the process to download and install additional device drivers after successful OS installation
  • Describe common device driver and operating system troubleshooting issues and their recommended solutions
  • Execute the password recovery process for UCS C-Series server CIMC and BIOS passwords
  • Configure management access to the UCS C-Series server through the LAN on Motherboard and NIC ports
  • Configure the UCS C-Series Intelligent Peripheral Management Interface for management access
  • Configure the UCS C-Series Serial over LAN service
  • Describe the rationale and various components that are required to complete UCS C-Series integration with UCS Manager
  • Configure the Fabric Interconnect and Fabric Extender for a UCS C-Series server
  • Configure the UCS C-Series server to operate as part of a UCS Manager instance
Course outline

Course Outline

UCS C-Series Product Review
C-Series Initial Setup and Configuration
C-Series Troubleshooting Methodology
C-Series Data Gathering Activities

Configuring Firmware Updates

Download Firmware Updates by Using the Host Upgrade Utility
Perform a Remote Update to the Server BIOS
Perform a BIOS Update by Using the EFI Shell
Configure USB Recovery Modules for Server BIOS Recovery

Troubleshooting LAN Connectivity

UCS C-Series P81E Virtual Interface Card Overview
UCS C-Series P81E Virtual Interface Card Configuration
Troubleshoot the UCS C-Series VIC (P81E) Installation and Configuration

Troubleshooting SAN Connectivity

Cisco VIC P81E SAN Configuration
Fibre Channel over Ethernet Initialization Protocol
Cisco VIC P81E SAN Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Local Disk and RAID

UCS C-Series RAID Controller Overview
UCS C-Series LSI Controller SAS Expanders and Extenders
UCS C-Series RAID Controller Configuration
Troubleshoot RAID Adapter and Disk Failures

Troubleshooting Operating System Driver Issues

Installing a Windows Operating System onto a Local Drive
Installing the Operating System Using a SAN Boot
OS Device Drivers After Installation
Troubleshoot OS Device Driver Problems

Troubleshooting Management Access

Execute CIMC and BIOS Password Recovery
Troubleshoot the LOM and Cisco Card Mode
Troubleshoot IPMI Access
Troubleshoot SoL Access

Configuring UCS C-Series Integration with UCS Manager

UCS C-Series and UCS Manager Integration Overview
UCS C-Series and UCS Manager Installation
UCS C-Series and UCS Manager Troubleshooting

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