Cisco DCNM-SAN – Data Center Network Manager for SAN

In this course you will learn how to provision, monitor and troubleshoot data center network equipment by learning how to implement Cisco Data Center Network Manager for SAN.

The focus of this course is on practical, hands-on experience on how to createDCNM architecture, discover datacenter resources, troubleshoot the network using diagnostic tools, event management, event monitoring as well as resource management and provisioning wizards.

Who needs to attend

Who needs to attend?
This course is aimed at network managers, system and field engineers, consulting systems engineers and technical solutions architects.

what you will learn

What you will learn
Upon completion you will know how to:

  • Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager, including its features and supported products
  • Deploy Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager for SAN
  • Requirements and procedures for getting started with DCNM-SAN
  • Scenarios in which DCNM-SAN can be used to discover servers
  • Use DCNM-SAN to perform detailed network configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting

Students need to have:

  • Good understanding of networking protocols and technologies
  • Good understanding of configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of Cisco MDS/Nexus switching equipment
Course outline

Course Outline

1. DCNM Functions for Storage Administration

Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager
Cisco Prime DCNM’s End to End Visibility
Resource Management Scope and Capabilities in DCNM Manage Events and Troubleshoot
Tools Available for Configuration and Provisioning
DCNM Integration with Other Tools for End-to-End Visibility in Your Data Center

2. DCNM Architecture/Components

Cisco Prime DCNM Evolved Management Tool Cisco Prime DCNM Components
Characteristics of the DCNM Database
DCNM Product Support

3. DCNM High Availability

Federated Server Architecture in HA Architecture
Server Federation Implementation
Automatic Fabric Failover Process

4. DCNM Deployment

DCNM Management Applications
DCNM Deployment Procedures
Initial Switch Setup
DCNM Installation Requirements
DCNM Server Installation Process
Upgrade Checklist for DCNM
DCNM-SAN Client Configuration Tool
DCNM SAN Licensing

5. Administering Data Sources

Unified Discovery
DCNM Fabric Discovery
UCS Server Discovery
DCNM and vCenter Integration
Storage Discovery in DCNM and the SMI-S Feature
Managing DCNM Licenses
Configure AAA Properties

6. Performance Administration

Historical Functions of Cisco Prim DCNM Performance Manager
Methods of Real Time Performance Monitoring
DCNM’s Ability to Monitor Traffic and Forecast Trends
Configure Flows and Collections using DCNM-SAN
Client and Device Manager
Methods of Real Time Performance Monitoring
DCNM’s Ability to Monitor Traffic and Forecast Trends
Create Switch and Custom Port Groups

Follow on
There are no follow-ons for this course.

Certification programs
There are no certifications associated with this course.