Cisco CMX – Connected Mobile Experiences V1.0

In this course you will learn how to deploy the Cisco Mobile Concierge services to clients and to enable you to design and implement a billboard campaing to provide Layer 3 Mobile Concierge services.

Main topics of this course include the importance and impact of proper AP placement, the differences between three possible deployment models for location servers, the impact of chainging the number of clients being located or the chainging of cell size has on achiveble accuracy, most common issues with analytics deployment and how to isolate the problem.

Who needs to attend

Who needs to attend?
This course is aimed at Cisco channel partners, Cisco network planners, managers and administrators, Cisco TAC personnel, Cisco networking field, technical marketing and optimization engineers as well as Cisco project managers.

what you will learn

What you will learn

Upon completion you will know how to:

  • Cisco Mobile Concierge services and the underlying technologies used to achieve desired outcomes
  • Capabilities of Cisco Location Analytics in turning client-positioning information into actionable business intelligence
  • Integrate the Cisco Prime NCS and Cisco MSE to provide Context-Aware Services and track mobile clients
  • Impact of the number of access points and their placement on location fidelity
  • Three basic topologies used in a location-capable deployment and where the greatest bandwidth requirements are for each type of deployment
  • Interaction between the WLC, PI, and the Cisco MSE for the use and configuration of mobile concierge and location analytics capabilities
  • Configure components to provide mobile concierge services and location analytics
  • Information available from the MSE for retrieval via the MSE API for integration into third-party applications


Students need to have:

  • Basic networking principles
  • Basic knowledge about RF
  • General network management concepts
  • Basic Microsoft Windows, Windows networking, and Internet browser navigating skills
Course outline

Course Outline

Cisco CMX Overview

  • Identifying Required Cisco CMX Components
  • Describing Cisco CMX Capabilities
  • Examining Basic Location Concepts

Onsite Visibility and Control

  • Describing the Effects of AP Placement on Achievable Accuracy
  • Examining the Impact of Client Behavior on Location Capabilities
  • Differentiating Cisco Client Location Methods
  • Using the Cisco CMX Dimensioning Calculator

Onsite Analytics

  • Describing the Analysis Process
  • Introducing the Analytics GUI
  • Performing Zone Analysis
  • Performing Site Analysis (Presence)
  • Producing Reports

Interactive Onboarding

  • Implementing Cisco CMX Visitor Connect
  • Implementing Cisco CMX Facebook Wi-Fi


  • Lab 1: Network Connectivity Verification
  • Lab 2: Using the Cisco CMX Dimensioning Calculator
  • Lab 3: Using Cisco CMX Analytics
  • Lab 4: Implementing Cisco CMX Visitor Connect
  • Lab 5: Implementing Cisco Facebook Wi-Fi

Certification programs
There are no certifications associated with this course.