Cisco AUCCE1 – Administering Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Part 1 v10.0

In this course you will learn about basic adds, moves and changes in an inbound/outbound UCCE environment.

Topics covered in this course include adds, moves and changes requirements for the inbound/outbound UCCE environment.

Who needs to attend

Who needs to attend?
This course is aimed at support personnel and managers that oversee UCCE deployments.

what you will learn

What you will learn
Upon completion you will know how to:

  • Basic components and operations of the Unified CCE solution
  • Configure and script a basic UCCE CVP deployment
  • Perform the ICM configuration tasks required to support basic agent functionality
  • Build and test a basic ICM script utilizing microapps
  • Configure and script UCCE to support reporting requirements, precision queuing and RONA
  • Deploy the CVP VXML component in a Unified CCE solution successfully
  • Generate basic reports using Cisco Unified IC

Students need to have:

  • Basic knowledge of networking (Windows A/D, SQL) and components (servers, routers, switch) is helpful but not required
  • Working knowledge of a Windows computer including a mouse and the simultaneous use of the Alt-Tab keys is required
  • Working knowledge of Unified Communications Manager and Voice Gateways
  • Basic understanding of contact center operations
Course outline

Course Outline

1. Course Introduction

Learner Prerequisite Skills and Knowledge
Course Goal and Objectives
Course Flow
Additional References
Your Training Curriculum

2. Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v10 Foundations

Introducing UCCE
Unified CCE Components and Architecture
UCCE Terms, Routing and Additional Components
Accessing UCCE Tools

3. UCCE Configuration and Scripting

Configuration Manager
Script Editor Overview
Scripting for CVP

4. Unified CCE Inbound Agent Considerations

CTI Options Overview
Configuring ICM for Agent Functionality
Configuring UCM for Agent Functionality
Scripting ICM for Agent Functionality

5. Unified CCE IVR/VRU Functionality

Basic IVR Scripting with Microapps
ICM Microapps
Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise Scripting Using Microapplications

6. Additional UCCE Considerations

ICM Considerations for Reporting and Monitoring
Precision Routing

7. VXML Implementation

Basic VXML Functionality
Installing and Configuring VXML

8. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reporting

Cisco Unified IC Overview
Cisco CUIC Reporting

Certification programs
There are no certifications associated with this course.