Citrix CNS-205 – NetScaler 11 Essentials and Networking

In this course you will learn basic concepts and skills necessary to monitor, troubleshoot, implement, secure, optimize and configure a Citrix Netscaler system from a networking framework. Other topics include an exam voucher for the Citrix Certified Professional-Networking (CCP-N ) exam.

Cui i se adresează?

This course is aimed at networking professionals new to the NetScaler platform.

Ce vei învăța?

Upon completion you will know how to:

  • Capabilities and functionality of the NetScaler
  • Basic NetScaler network architecture
  • Obtain, install, and manage NetScaler licenses
  • Use SSL to secure the NetScaler
  • Implement NetScaler TriScale technology, including clustering
  • Configure advanced load balancing and Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) on the NetScaler system
  • Optimize the NetScaler system for traffic handling and management
  • Customize the NetScaler system for traffic flow and content-specific requirements
  • Demonstrate monitoring and reporting through native NetScaler logging tools
  • Employ recommended tools and techniques to troubleshoot common NetScaler network and connectivity issues

Cerințe preliminare:

Students need to have:

  • Intermediate knowledge of TCP/IP and HTTP protocols and an understanding of the OSI model
  • Experience with network devices, networking protocols, and aspects of application and site architecture
  • Moderate exposure to UNIX or Linux
  • Exposure to basic systems administration concepts, including logging, software upgrade procedures, and high availability operations
  • Familiarity with web server software
  • Knowledge of network security threats and site protection concepts

Agenda cursului:

Materialele de curs sunt în limba Engleză. Predarea se face în limba Română.

1. Getting Started
NetScaler System
NetScaler Functionality
NetScaler Operating System
Hardware Platforms
Hardware Components
Planning a NetScaler Deployment
Deployment Scenarios
NetScaler Configuration
Logging into the NetScaler System
NetScaler Licenses

2. Basic Networking
OSI Networking Model
NetScaler Architecture
Packet Forwarding
NetScaler-Owned IP Addresses
NetScaler IP Address
Sending a Client IP Address to Servers
Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN)
Network Address Translation

3. Basic Load Balancing
Load Balancing Basics
Configuring Basic Load Balancing
Services Configuration
Virtual Servers Creation
Services Bound to a Virtual Server
Configuration Verification
Load-Balancing Methods
Service Weights
Session Persistence Methods
Service Level Monitors

4. High Availability
Node Configuration
Propagation and Synchronization

5. Policies and Expressions
Policy Basics
Basic Policy Components
Policy Bindings
Policy Priorities
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Expression Structures
Context-Sensitive Fields
Simple Expressions
Compound Expressions
Advanced Policy Conversion

6. Content Switching
Configuring a Load Balancing Setup for Content Switching
Content-Switching Policies
Content-Switching Rule Precedence Without Priority Specified
Content-Switching Rule Precedence With Priority Specified

7. Connection Tuning
DNS and the NetScaler
IP Routing
Link Load Balancing
SIP Load Balancing
Custom Load
Persistence and Persistence Connections
Load Balancing Configuration Protection
Load Balancing Setup Management
Traffic Management

8. Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
Deployment Methods
DNS Methods
Implementing Static GSLB
Metric Exchange Protocol
Configuring Site-to-Site Communication
Customizing the GSLB Configuration
GSLB Persistence
Monitoring GSLB Services
Protecting the GSLB Setup Against Failure
Implementing GSLB Failover for Disaster Recovery

9. Clustering
Features Supported by Clustering
Communication Interfaces
Striped and Spotted IP Addresses
Traffic Distribution
Cluster and Node States
NetScaler Cluster
Set up
Traffic Distribution Mechanisms

10. Security and Authentication
SSL Administration
SSL Keys
Digital Certificates
Certificate Signing Request
SSL Certificates
Certificate Generation
Certificate Key Pairs
NetScaler System Communication
Front-End SSL
Front-End SSL_TCP
Securing Traffic
SSL Termination Points
SSL Offload
Configuring SSL Offload
Advanced SSL Settings
Hardware Compliance
Authentication Setup
AAA for Traffic Management
SAML 2.0 Consumer Support
Enhanced NTLMv2 Support
Authentication Policy Creation
Single Sign-On Setup
LDAP Authentication
Detailed Access Control Lists Configuration
Extended Access Control Lists
Creation and Removal of Access Control Lists
SYN, SSL Renegotiation, TLS Man-in-the-Middle, and DoS Protection
Client Traffic Management Based on Traffic Rate

11. Rewrite, Responder, and URL Transformation
Packet Processing Flow
Policy Process Evaluation Flow
Advanced Policy Expressions
Bind Points
Policy Labels
Pattern Sets
Rewrite, Responder, and URL Transform
Configuring Rewrite Policies and Actions
Configuring Responder Policies and Actions
Configuring URL Transformation Policies and Actions

12. Optimizing Traffic
Integrated Caching
Reverse-Proxy-Cache Configuration
Content Groups
Cache Selectors and Policies
Caching Static and Dynamic Content
Request and Response Process Flow
Cache Policies and Cache Expressions
Action Analytics
Evaluation Order
Built-In Policies
Graceful Cache Configuration Changes
Cache Content Groups
Caching Management
AppExpert Templates

13. Advanced Monitoring
Monitoring Needs
Simple Network Management Protocol
Citrix Command Center
Reporting Tools
NetScaler Log Management
Audit Logging
Configuring NetScaler for Audit Logging
Configuring an Audit Logging Server
Global Auditing Parameters
Configuring Auditing Policies
Monitoring Methods
Reporting Tools
Monitoring Needs
Simple Network Management Protocol
Configuring SMNPv1 and SMNPv2
AppFlow on the NetScaler
AppFlow Collectors and EdgeSight Monitoring
AppFlow Actions and EdgeSight Monitoring
Third-Party Collectors

14. Troubleshooting
Network Issues
Hardware Issues
Load Balancing Issues
Authentication, Authorization, and Access (AAA) Issues
SSL Troubleshooting
SSL Offload Troubleshooting
Policy Troubleshooting
High Availability Troubleshooting

Recomandăm să continui cu:

Nu există cursuri recomandate după finalizarea acestui curs.

Programe de certificare

Citrix Certified Professional – Networking (CCP-N)

Citrix CNS-205 – NetScaler 11 Essentials and Networking

Solicită ofertă personalizată pentru 2 sau mai multe persoane.

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1900 EUR

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Predare în clasă, Clasă hibridă, Clasă virtuală

Nivel de specializare

2. Associate

Roluri asociate

Enterprise Administrator, Wireless Engineer

        Solicită ofertă personalizată pentru 2 sau mai multe persoane.