EN: #StaySafeAndKeepLearning virtual badge

It is important to expand your area of expertise and we thank you for choosing to evolve with us! Learning live virtual in crisis is an effort that we want to highlight publicly!

Your learning experience can be supplemented by recognition, which is why we created the virtual badge that certifies the graduation of your course in Live Virtual format at Bittnet Training.

Post the attached image in your Facebook / LinkedIn feed along with the text below to show your friends the new unlocked achievement.

“I chose to continue my development plan with Bittnet and through #LiveVirtualTraining I graduated the course “NAME OF COURSE”. It was not easy, but I am more than happy to have acquired new skills even in unforeseen situations.”


Badge #StaySafeAndKeepLearning
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Poza de profil Facebook Bittnet Training

As a symbol of the initiative to encourage remote study, in a virtual live system, in a safe and less exposed environment, we encourage you to apply a temporary frame to the profile picture of your Facebook account.

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