10 years of Bittnet

It has been a decade since Bittnet was “born”. Our story began in 1999, when Credis Academy was founded, a Cisco academy dedicated to students and in general, to all those who wanted a professional reconversion. We were, (and still are), a team of young enthusiasms which has gradually developed. In 2007 a new challenge knocked at our door. Due to the high demands which we have had received from companies, we then realized that our technical team is prepared enough, and we can enter in the B2B market. This is how the Bittnet project has started, as an IT training and solutions provider. From that moment on we address to companies whose employees need to apply their extensive knowledge in various areas of the information and communication technology.

Values such as integrity, innovation, creativity, flexibility and fun guided us in becoming what we are today, a company whose main goal is customer satisfaction and us over-delivering on our commitments. Our success is our clients’ success.

So far our journey has been an one characterized by luck, and also by a lot of involvement. We were lucky to meet people of value with whom we surrounded our self and to form a team who shares our life vision and most importantly, our business vision. Beautiful people have come, and some have gone, but they left their own mark by helping this company to build itself. Each one of our employees has helped by putting a piece in a big puzzle.

We built the Bittnet team around personal values and we managed to attract people who share the same principles concentrated by simple words, but which are found almost in daily gestures, attitudes and behaviors by decision and everything we do. In the past 10 years we have grown together with great people, we learned continuous on both professional and personal levels, and built a structure which is becoming more and more efficient, by keeping the free spirit, entrepreneur and, often, the first jolly days in Bittnet.” says our CEO, Mihai Logofatu.

The company has developed in every year, by gaining acknowledgment and various integration projects, certifications, prizes such as Cisco Gold Partner, Amazon Web Services Authorized Training Partner, Oracle Approved Education Center, Unique Global Knowledge partner in Romania, Member of LLPA (Leading Learning Partner Association) and many more.

One of our wishes is to maintain our status as IT training leader on the Romanian market for the following years. Also we want to complete as many integration projects as possible.

Many companies do not make it after the first 5 years, but we did. We proved that with hard work, a dedicated team, the desire to always improve ourselves, and a little bit of luck we succeeded in developing a valuable company.

Our CFO, Cristian Logofatu, says that “After 10 years of activity and sustained effort, we can say that Bittnet is a stable company that does not depend on founders, with an impeccable management, provided by the leading team. Therefore, a business in the true sense of the word.”

This anniversary fills our hearts with joy and enthusiasm, and we look forward for the future challenges which await us. It won’t be easy, as it has been until now, but it will be rewarding. We will keep trying to make the impossible POSSIBLE.

We want to thank you that  for 10 years you give us the occasion to be your trusted partner.

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