AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

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Who needs to attend?

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What you will learn



Course outline

Course Outline

Course OutlineModule 1: Identity and AccessLessons

·     Configure Azure Active Directory for Azure workloads and subscriptions

·     Configure Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

·     Configure security for an Azure subscription

Module 2: Platform ProtectionLessons

·     Understand cloud security

·     Build a network

·     Secure network

·     Implement host security

·     Implement platform security

·     Implement subscription security

Module 3: Security OperationsLessons

·     Configure security services

·     Configure security policies by using Azure Security Center

·     Manage security alerts

·     Respond to and remediate security issues

·     Create security baselines

Module 4: Data and applicationsLessons

·     Configure security policies to manage data

·     Configure security for data infrastructure

·     Configure encryption for data at rest

·     Understand application security

·     Implement security for application lifecycle

·     Secure applications

·     Configure and manage Azure Key Vault

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