Splunk basic custom course

Materials: digital manual 
Attendance: 6 to 14 people 
Delivery: live virtual, English 
Availability: early 2019

Course outline

Course Outline





Day 1
Introduction to Splunk’s interface
Understand the uses of Splunk
Define Splunk Apps
Customizing your user settings
Learn basic navigation in Splunk
Basic searching
Run basic searches
Use autocomplete to help build a search
Set the time range of a search
Identify the contents of search results
Using fields in searches
Review basic search commands and general search practices
Examine the search pipeline
Specify indexes in searches
Search fundamentals
Transforming commands
The top command
The rare command
The stats command



Day 2
Creating reports and dashboards
Creating and using lookups
Describe lookups
Create a lookup file and create a lookup definition
Configure an automatic lookup
Scheduled ReportsAlerts
Describe scheduled reports
Configure scheduled reports
Describe alerts
Create alerts
View fired alerts
Using Pivot
Describe Pivot
Understand the relationship between data models and pivot
Select a data model object
Create a pivot report

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