We build competencies and IT solutions for your future plans

Customer oriented attitude

Our entire activity revolves around a single core value: customer satisfaction and us over-delivering on our commitments. Our success is our clients’ success.


Full compliance with the principles of ethics and integrity – both inside the company and in relation with others

The team

The strength of a team is much greater than the sum of it’s members’ strength. The quality of human resources boosts teamwork and collaboration. Our teamwork principle is: “Communication, Unity, Community”


All companies have resources and access to technology but the difference comes from the ability to continuously innovate according to customer needs. For us, creative employees are the growth engine of the company.


This principle governs both the relationship we have with our partners and our relationships inside the company. We take into consideration ideas and needs of team members, we try to create a more pleasant and mutually beneficial environment to foster continuous development.


We believe that creativity cannot be taught and as such we look for this trait in our employees and we nurture it. We give our employees the chance to put their creativity to work which often times brings added value.

We try to understand and develop the passions and desires of our employees.


Ever since its inception, Bittnet, has been the materialization of our desire of doing business „differently” from what everyone is used to. Relying on our technical experience as well as our business values (transparency, flexibility, customer-oriented) we strive to bring you the best possible outcome for your needs without over-committing. We work in a knowledge-based business where trust is key and for us gaining your trust is only second to maintaining it.

Below you can find a timeline for our activity so far.


The year 2017 began as the anniversary of a decade of existence for our company. On February 22nd Bittnet celebrated 10 years of activity, and during this period we have reinvented ourselves a dozen times, and, especially, we have fought to grow while sticking to the same values and principles framework which we had since we began on this road.

Bittnet was included in Top 1000FT, top realized by the prestigious British financial publication, Financial Times,  of the fastest growing European companies. Only four other Romanian companies have been included in the top, all being in the IT field.

It goes without any doubt, that the most outstanding project of 2017 was the acquisition of GECAD NET from Romanian entrepreneur, Radu Georgescu. We believe that the IT market needs to be strengthened, and I have shared this idea many times in recent years.

Already in the third year of our activity as a public company, we are proud to be one of the most active companies on the Bucharest Stock Exchange when it comes to financing our growth with the help of the local capital market. In 2017, we have continued to finance our development through the second issuance of corporate bonds, which was primarily used for financing the takeover of Gecad, as well as through the capital increase that we have realized in December. 2017 was also the eleventh year of our activity, a very important milestone for both us and for the IT entrepreneurship in Romania.

A very important event in 2017 was the relocation to new offices, in Timisoara Boulevard, no. 26, “Plaza Romania Offices” Building, floor 1. The new facility, located in an “A” class building has over 1,000 square meters, and has triple the delivery capacity compared to the old training center.


2016 represented our second year of activity as a public company, listed on the AERO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and also the tenth year of activity, a threshold of maturity very important both for us and for IT entrepreneurship in Romania. Thus we mark the transition to a medium-sized company, that has managed to grow and develop constantly and continuously on solid business principles and cultural values aiming honesty, transparency and flexibility in terms of performance and competence.

Another aspect of evolution in 2016 was geographic coverage, where we continued to transit from a mainly local company to a national coverage company focused on the newest technological trends: cloud, cybersecurity, data center. Therefore, along with the office in Cluj, which continued to expand in the second year after already confirming its viability, we have opened local offices in Sibiu and Brasov.

In 2016, Bittnet has joined the largest association of Microsoft training partners – LLPA (Leading Learning Partners Association), which allows us to strongly expand both export earnings and delivery of courses in any language anywhere in Europe. Also, at the end of the year, Bittnet became Oracle Approved Education Center.


In March 2015, Bittnet raises additional EUR 150.000 capital by selling shares to Carpathia Capital S.A. with an intention to further increase selling capacities and to grow revenues in the future.

In April 2015, Bittnet was listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock, therefore becoming the first Romanian IT company listed on the Bucharest Stock.

We delivered over 200 distinct projects such as expansion of national IT network of a DIY superstore, providing wi-fi functionality of a hypermarket nationwide or building a data center for a cloud services company. Thereby we have achieved 1000 IT integration projects in the history of the company.

2015 was a successful first year of activity of the regional office in Cluj, a pilot project proved to be a good strategic decision and also a learning experience that will allow us to develop the following regional offices in 2016.

An another important realization in 2015 was that Bittnet obtained the Cisco Certified Gold Partner status, being  the only Romanian company that has obtained this status in the last 8 years.

Revenues continued to grow up to a total of over EUR 2,2 M.


In July 2014 Bittnet closes the first REGIO project of the company (started back in 2010) with full reimbursement – for a total financing received in excess of RON 600 000.
Based on winning the tender for organizing IT trainings for the next 2 years for the largest manufacturer in Cluj, Bittnet opens the first regional office in Cluj with a dedicated Account Manager for Transilvania. The company plans to open several other offices across the country during the next 2 years.
Also of significance, during 2014, the company has strongly increased the IT services (consulting, audit and design), even exporting IT professionals to implement Datacenter projects in Germany.
During 2014, Bittnet has been recognized as part of the Technology Fast 500 Top in EMEA from Deloitte (position 333) and in the book of Romanian Entrepreneurs as a result of participation in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Competition.
The company added 2 new vendors to the training portfolio. It became Amazon Web Services Authorized Training Partner, Oracle Education Reseller and Oracle Partner Network Silver Level.
The company initiated the process of going public by listing the shares on AeRO Market in Romania.
Revenues continued to grow up to a total of over EUR 1,8m.


The company continues to invest in expanding the technical capabilities both for training services as well as for hardware and end-to-end solutions. Following major technology trends means the company focuses on IT security, datacenter, unified communications and employee mobility.
Sales and marketing efforts intensify and new account managers and specific B2B marketing activities take place in an attempt to gain new customers.
Bittnet improves on its Cisco Learning Partner status, becoming a Cisco Silver Certified Partner, which proves that capabilities of building complex networking architectures that provide limitless connectivity and advanced collaboration inside the company as well as with business partners.
2013 is also the year when Bittnet gains the Microsoft Silver Learning and Server Platform partner certifications, which again proves the focus on results and improvements in the company’s mission to meet its customer needs.
In its continuous effort to expand the training offering, Bittnet extends the strategic partnership list adding a local company focused on data center and virtualization. This allows Bittnet to start actively delivering VMware trainings to the customers. This is an area that rapidly caught up to customers; Bittnet became one of the important deliverers of this kind of training in Romania.
Cristian and Mihai were nominated for the “IT Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Wall-Street.ro awards ceremony of 2013.
Revenues continued to grow up to a total of EUR 1,5m.


After the November 2011 “Venture Connect” event, Razvan Capatina, a private investor, joins the shareholders of the company, bringing capital to be used to strengthen the sales and marketing efforts.
Based on the capital infusion the company develops the sales team hiring 5 new account managers to reach for new customers across the country and to increase sales.
The company decides to set up an advisory board made of 3 highly experienced entrepreneurs and managers from different industries in order to support the growing efforts. The board members are offered stock options in exchange for their contribution to help further develop the company.
The same year the company sets up the marketing department and allocates a dedicated budget for marketing and PR related activities. The department continues to evolve during the next years having in mind a modern approach to revenue generating actions.
Bittnet was named the Cisco Learning Partner of the Year for the second year in a row during the annual Partners event. Other IT training authorized statuses have been added to the learning portofolio (Microsoft Silver Learning Partner, Linux, etc) and Global Knowledge partnership has been extended to other vendors.
Revenues continued to grow up to a total of EUR 855k.


The company expands the technical competencies skillset in order to cover complementary IT market leaders and technologies (ex: Microsoft, HP, Dell, etc). Cisco still remains the main business and technical partner for networking solutions while secondary vendors have been added to the solutions portfolio.
The company sets the very first organizational structure in order to focus on delivering better customer services, creates new roles and business priorities and a professional sales process supported by CRM tools from Salesforce and Google Apps. A top priority for the year was to create a business structure and processes powered by unified and standardized IT technologies.
Bittnet was named the Cisco Learning Partner of the Year during the annual Partners event held in November.
The company extends the strategic partnership list adding MindSpeed among the top business partners.
Revenues continued to grow up to a total of EUR 490k.


The company starts to reach out for customers interested in pursuing IT education outside Bucharest with a strong focus on major industrial cities around the country.
The company decides to take advantage of REGIO funds dedicated to small enterprises provided for growing and development by the Government of Romania, in order to create a modern technical lab for showcasing new technologies to customers before buying. Also the project meant expanding the services portfolio and creating 6 new jobs. The submission process has started early 2010 but the project effectively started in October 2011 and was closed in March 2014.
Revenues continued to grow up to a total of EUR 450k.


The company changes its legal form from limited liability company to a joint stock company.
Bittnet becomes Cisco Official Learning Partner and is awarded to deliver the then-largest contract for Cisco Service Provider trainings for Cosmote. It was the first major contract won against more established competitors from Romania and Europe.
Further growth of clients base includes Dacia, Erste Bank, Cosmote Romania (later merged with Romtelecom, currently Telekom Romania), Cycle European (Part of ICAP Group), E.On Romania.
Bittnet becomes exclusive Global Knowledge Partner for Romania, literally being able to deliver any kind of IT training through this partnership. Global Knowledge is the largest provider of IT trainings in the world, with a portfolio of over 1500 subjects of training and present in over 100 countries around the world.
Revenue continues to grow by more than 50% YOY up to a total of EUR 270k.


Bittnet increases its clients base with renowned companies such as: IBM Romania, Metro Systems Romania, Mit Motors International, Praktiker, Porsche Romania, TNT Express, Wiebe Romania.
In early 2008 the company delivers the first end to end VoIP solution for a German subsidiary with more than 150 employees spread across the country. The solution delivered was based on Cisco VoIP and security technologies and represented the very first professional end to end solution to be implemented by Bittnet.
The company finished the fiscal year with more than EUR 170k in revenues.


Mihai and Cristian Logofatu start the Company, create a small but enthusiastic technical team, all having training experience gained at Credis Cisco Networking Academy since 2000. After 7 years of delivering IT trainings to students and individuals, Mihai and Cristian Logofatu established Bittnet, the new project, aimed at the Romanian B2B market.
Since inception the company decided to focus on delivering IT trainings and end-to-end networking solutions and services based on technologies from market leaders like Cisco. That is why by the end of 2007 Bittnet received the Premier Partner Level from Cisco and managed to deliver few pieces of hardware equipment and couple of training sessions. The revenue generated was close to EUR 30k.
The same year Bittnet starts cooperation on Cisco trainings with Siemens, Datanet Systems and Romtelecom (currently Telekom Romania). In early 2008 the company delivers the first end to end VoIP solution for a German subsidiary with more than 150 employees spread across the country. The solution delivered was based on Cisco VoIP and security technologies and represented the very first professional end to end solution to be implemented by Bittnet.
The company finished the fiscal year with more than EUR 170k in revenues.


Bittnet was founded in 2007 and since then operates in Romanian IT sector. Company’s main activity focuses on IT trainings and delivering end-to-end IT infrastructure services and solutions from market leaders like Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, VMware, HP.

The IT solutions provided by Bittnet cover:
– Network infrastructure
– Network security
– Network management
– Datacenter, virtualization and cloud computing
– Enterprise mobility including BYOD
– Unified communications & collaboration
– Video conference including Telepresence
– Software licenses

The company offers the following IT services:
– General consultancy services
– IT assessment services
– Implementation and migration services
– Maintenance and support services
– Infrastructure optimization services
– IT Training Services

Bittnet is highly certified and recognized by the market leaders. Certifications include:
– Cisco Learning Partner
– Cisco Certified Gold Partner
– Microsoft Silver Learning Partner
– Microsoft Cloud Partner
– Microsoft Silver Datacenter Partner
– Oracle Authorized Education Center
– Oracle Silver Partner
– VMware Solution Provider Partner
– IBM training provider – via GlobalKnowledge
– Amazon Web Services Training Partner
– Google Cloud Partner

A full and real time updated list of certifications can be found on the company website, at: http://www.bittnetsystems.ro/certifications