Some recognized benefits of employee training are:
Increased revenue – There are a variety of approaches to increasing revenue by investing in training employees. One of the most recognized involves the selection and implementation of an effective customer relationship management (CRM) system. A well-trained IT staff working with sales, marketing, and customer support stakeholders can analyse needs and develop an organizational strategy utilizing CRM software to improve marketing, sales, customer service, technical support, and other functions. The improved cross-functional operational efficiencies from the CRM system result in increases in top line revenue and other benefits.

Decreased costs – Depending on the type of business, government, or military agency, training aimed at decreasing costs can focus on various business processes. For example, providing training on supply chain analysis may result in savings from improved procurement practices. Or, training IT staff on new software applications might lead to savings in areas from payroll to marketing to reporting.

Increased job satisfaction – Training is one of the most important factors in increasing employee job satisfaction, resulting in higher levels of retention and reduced turnover. This significantly reduces the cost of hiring and training replacement personnel.

Enhanced safety – Training that develops skills, knowledge, and abilities that reduces accidents and creates a safe work environment significantly affects the costs involved with lost work time, insurance, and liability.



Bittnet runs 100% approved courses by vendors mentioned above. This means:

• Fully authorised training programs – largest training portfolio on the market: through the alliance with Global Knowledge, Bittnet can offer literally any IT course on the market.
• Oficial course materials
• Highest Quality: all our courses are based on the latest curricula of that specific course, the information offered being up to date with the recent technology changes.
• Virtual labs running the last available software version provided directly by the vendors.
• Centralized learning sistem management – Metrics That Matter
• Official certified trainers: CCSI’s for Cisco, MCT’s for Microsoft, CCI’s for Citrix, AWS Certified Trainers, ITIL® approved trainer. Our trainers are all certified experts in their field as well as being engineers which means that they bring real-life experience to the classroom and relevant information that helps students acquire practical skills that will help them at their workplace.


• Widest choice of languages available on the market to deliver the trainings
• Professionalism: we have high standards in all regards and as such all our team members (not only our trainers) are ready to cater to all our customer’s needs proving flexibility and professionalism in organizing training sessions. We are the only Global Knowledge partner in Romania. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Global Knowledge has received numerous multiyear internationally recognized awards from IT vendors and independent training bodies.
• Over 10 years training experience.
• Over 14.000 people trained.
• Over 15 highly certified instructors.
• Strong sales team (over 12 account managers).
• 4.53 average evaluation score of every instructor (each instructor is evaluated using metrics that matter at the end of each course. The scale used is from 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest).
• The training department represents 30% to 40% of our entire business.
• We have deliverd courses all over Romania but olso in other countries in Europe.


• Cisco Learning Partner
• Microsoft Silver Learning Partner
• Citrix Authorised Learning Center
• Amazon Web Services Authorised Training Partner
• ITIL® Authorised Training Partner
• DELL SonicWALL Authorised Training Partner
• Oracle Authorised Education Center
• Unique Global Knowledge partner in Romania
• Member of LLPA (Leading Learning Partner Association)

Partnerships or Strategic Alliances

In our efforts to offer the optimal solution and the best learning experience to our customers, we decided to partner up with some of the most important IT companies on the market. Besides our „vendor authorized” type training centre partnerships with Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Oracle, etc. we also partnered up with one of the most relevant companies in the worldwide IT training industry: Global Knowledge.

Global Knowledge background

With nearly 20 years of experience on the market, Global Knowledge is the leading provider of IT and business skills trainings in the world. Throughout its existence, the company has engaged in several partnerships with relevant and well known technology companies such as: Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Avaya, Red Hat, Dell SonicWALL, and many others. The large portfolio of courses coupled with experience, professionalism and dedication has led to Global Knowledge being considered by IT professionals the best at customer satisfaction and the most recommended IT training provider.

The Global Knowledge team believes in delivering high-quality training services to all its clients. Their goals as trainers is to raise the skill level of every student, bring real-life experience to the classroom and have a practical, hands-on, approach to the training process.

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