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Do you need a local network for your daily activities?

Bittnet consultants will work with your team to select the right solutions and services for your business. The network infrastructure will be designed based on every business unique needs and the constraints that your company may have. Bittnet engineers can design for you mobility solutions that simplify IT and promote new business opportunities.

For every solution bought from Bittnet, you receive BLCs (Bittnet Learning Credits) to learn how to use and/or troubleshoot the solution yourself.

Routers are the gateways to the internet. When you choose the gateway, you choose your image on the internet you way of protecting the local network. When you need to choose the right router for the internet connection, you should consider at least the following:

  • how many WAN connections (more than one for a redundant solution)
  • where will you place it (rack-mount, on a shelf, on the wall)
  • which routing protocols will be needed (depending on the network topology and the internet contract)
  • will the router be used for security also or you consider a dedicated solution for VPN or firewall
  • how much bandwidth will you have (depending on your Internet contract and
    the active services setup on the router)
  • how many LAN ports you need (depending on the number of devices that you want to connect to the internet)
  • should the LAN ports be Layer 2 or Layer 3 (you need Layer 3 ports if you need network segmentation)
  • who will configure, manage and maintain the configuration updated

Bittnet team can help you identify, install, configure and maintain the right solution for supporting your daily business activities at the right cost.

Switches are the backbone of local networks. They connect PCs, printers, fax machines, servers, other switches, Access Points, IP phones and other networking devices. A small switch could be included in the router’s chassis, but most of the times the number of LAN ports on the router is not enough. A dedicated switch might be required and all these questions pump into your mind:

  • how many ports (devices connected directly to this switch)
  • how can you extend the number of ports
  • how much traffic can the switch handle
  • will you have bottleneck in your network
  • how can you avoid unneeded loops
  • do you need network segmentation
  • do you need Virtual LANs, tagging, Qos, 802.1 x
  • how many devices connected to this switch will need PoE
  • how much cache memory do you need for your application traffic
  • can you connect servers to the switch using FO (what type of FO)
  • how many SFPs do you need and what types
  • how to fit the new switch in the existing network design
  • how will you manage the switch remotely
  • who will install, configure, manage and maintain the switch configuration with necessary updates

The Bittnet team is ready to help you identify the right solution for you, depending on the business requirements. We can consult you in choosing the solution, redesign the network, install, configure, manage, update the configurations remote or on-site.

Wireless devices are part of day-to-day life. Wireless connectivity has evolved in less than 10 years from a nice-to-have feature to a critical part of your business. Mobility is essential for most of the companies in Romania, allowing employees to work from anywhere, anytime, from any mobile device. When it comes to choosing the right WiFi solution for your network, don’t forget to ask yourself the following questions:

  • what applications will use the wireless network (how much bandwidth will they need)
  • how many users (devices) will be connected simultaneously to the Wi-Fi network
  • what kind of service do you request from the network (data transfer, voice, analytics)
  • how can your network adapt to the radio environment
  • how will you power-on the access points (PoE, power sockets, power injectors)
  • how many access points will you need to cover all the business needs
  • how will you manage the WiFi network (local controller – for centralised networks, individual configuration of each AP, cloud controller – for scalability and ease of use)

Prior to any installation, we recommend a site-survey to have an overview of what you should expect from your Wi-Fi solution. This survey can set the right expectations for positioning the APs, the recommended devices required, the Wi-Fi channel plan allocation and other important details for configuring a secure, reliable and efficient wireless network.

Network Management solutions are designed to simplify wired and wireless network management for complex networks with intuitive GUI and a task-based menu. Some of them are free and apply common services across switches, routers, wireless controllers, and access points. When you need a network management solution check if the following information is included:

  • warranty
  • latest SW versions published by the vendor
  • End-of-Life notifications
  • network topology map
  • single-click Telnet or access to device manager
  • inventory reports
  • health monitoring
  • event notification

Another thing you should consider is the reputation of the producer of the software. If you need to manage a mix-environment, Bittnet recommends a dedicated software that can identify all the devices existing in your infrastructure. If your network is single-vendor, most of the times the vendor offers also a solution for network management. We can help you with recommendations, installation and/or a support contract for managing the network.

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