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Do you need to make acquisitions for the IT infrastructure?

The Bittnet team can help you schedule the acquisitions as your project evolves. It’s important to understand the full project’s lifecycle to be able to offer competitive prices and delivery terms and conditions. You can always ask for a second opinion or consulting services before you purchase new hardware or software.
All the hardware and software purchased from Bittnet is bought using an authorised distribution channel. Contact us for any PC or server components, systems, networking devices, storage devices, bar-code scanners, printers, cables and connectors, operating system licenses or different applications.


  • the device is not declared End-of-Support by the vendor
  • the business needs are covered by the warranty terms and conditions or a support service contract
  • there’s no better version of this device for your needs
  • there’s no better suited device for the project requirements
  • this device is compliant with all the technical requirements

Choosing the right hardware for a project can be a challenge for the acquisition department as well as for the technical department. After understanding the business and technical needs, Bittnet consultants can help you create a Bill-of-Materials for your project based on industry’s best practices and their professional experience.


  • is there a trial version available?
  • how is it licensed? (per device, per user, per CPU, etc)
  • what versions are available?
  • is it a perpetual license?
  • what features need a dedicated license?
  • what kind of technical support is available?
  • do you need access to updates and upgrades?
  • can the software be customised for your needs?
  • who will help you with the installation and configuration?

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