Managed Services

When you should consider paying for Managed Services?

When your company does not have a dedicated person to monitor, manage and optimise the IT infrastructure or the current team does not have the time or competencies required to do these thing for part of your IT infrastructure, you can ask for professional services from Bittnet.
Functions that are performed as part of network management include controlling, planning, allocating, deploying, coordinating, and monitoring the resources of a network, predetermined traffic routing to support load balancing, cryptographic key distribution authorisation, configuration management, fault management, security management , performance management, bandwidth, etc.
Inside your organisation there might be several IT needs that arise as the business grows. To support the growth, Bittnet team is ready for a 24×7 contract across Romania for remote access of your IT infrastructure and 2 hours on-site intervention.
Ask for a customised offer for your needs and we’ll do our best to surprise you.

Companies face a lot of challenges when integrating their existing infrastructure with the fast changes in technology and in their working field. These large projects present many training needs, not only with the technical infrastructure, but also with support and project management. To realize the full value of IT investments, companies need training solutions that provide timely, low-cost and targeted skills transfer.

● you get a dedicated Learning Architect to help you design and support a learning plan for your organisation
● you get a dedicated pool of IT professionals & trainers to understand both your business needs and technical background and requirements of the staff. They will assess your organization and together with the Learning Architect, will come up with a Training Map to fully reach your training target
● planning and development will be then fully connected to your organizational grow and what you wish to achieve in the future  years

Hackers are always helping security vendors evolve. They bring new challenges to any security expert by finding ways of binding the rules.

Bittnet has at least 2 engineers Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts for Security. We can offer tailored network security solutions for any company of any sizes. We can help with the design, implementation, management and support services as part of the Security Managed Service.

We can help you before, during and after an attack, considering that there is no 100% security. It’s important to prevent known cyber attacks, to identify and react as soon as possible during an attack and to be able to restore the systems and regain control of your business. This is what Bittnet is doing for existing customers. Feel free to read what our customers are saying about us in the references.

Mobility is not a nice-to-have feature anymore. Customers and employees in Romania consider the wireless infrastructure a must-have feature. WiFi technology evolves rapidly offering more and more bandwidth and more useful services for any business. You can save money by renting the wireless infrastructure from Bittnet. Our technical team will do a site-survey to understand the business needs and the options available for installing the devices. After that, they’ll install and configure everything so you can forget about the WiFi infrastructure and focus on the business priorities.
Whenever you need a report or you need to change something in the existing infrastructure, the Bittnet team will be there to support you.
For Wireless Managed Services Bittnet uses cloud based controllers to be able to accommodate large deployments. If you need to have a solution installed on-premise we can also do that.

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