Passionate about hacking and information security? We recommend Defcamp 2013

Between 29th and  30th of November, DefCamp will take place at Crystal Palace Ballroom in Bucharest – one of the most hipnotizinf events of hacking & information security in Romania will take place. The event will have as special guests Raoul Chiesa, founder and chairman of The Securiy Brokers and Carsten Eiram, Chief Research Officer at Risk Base Security.


DefCamp 2013 is the largest event of information security and hacking in the country, with more than 300 participants being expected at Bucharest from Romania and neighbouring countries, with various levels of experience – from students to industry leaders and cibernetic security and research experts.

This autumn’s event will discuss how you can ride the metro and public transportation in Bucharest for free, hackers profiling, hijacking control of cars that you drive daily, header analysis, metasploit, NSA, privacy concerns, copyrights, Snowden, Romanian legislation, PRISM, odays, credit cards, mobile securiy problems, scanning the Internet in Romania, DDOS, SSL ripper, networking, P2P networks, social engineering, camera surveillance, application security research, secure system administration, lockpicking etc.

Keynote-urile will be held by he special guests:

  • Raoul “Nobody” Chiesa,  The Security Brokers president
  • Carsten Eiram, Chief Research Officer at Risk Base Security.

And the list goes on:

  • Kizz MyAnthia, Senior Penetration Tester – Shadowlabs la HP Enterprise Security
  • Nathan LaFollette “httphacker”, Senior Security Consultant – Shadowlabs at HP Fortify
  • Nir Valtman, R&D Chief Security Officer @Retalix
  • Robert Knapp, Co-Founder & CEO CyberGhost SRL
  • Milan Gabor, CEO of Viris
  • Adrian Furtuna, Security Consultant at KPMG Romania
  • Bogdan Alecu, System Administrator at Levi9 and traditional speaker at DefCamp
  • Alex Negrea, Co-founder of
  • Andrei Costin, PhD student with EURECOM & Co-Founder / Lead-Researcher @Firmware.RE
  • Ionut Popescu, Security Consultant at KPMG
  • Dan Catalin Vasile, Board Member of OWASP Romania
  • Brindusa Stefan Cristian, Lead-Developer at RogentOS GNU/Linux
  • Radu Stanescu, IT Security Consultant & Trainer Sandline
  • Bogdan Manolea,
  • Bogdan-Ioan Şuta, Independent Security Researcher..


The DCTF (DefCamp Capture the Flag) competition already had a qulification stage online, on 15th of November, followed by a duel during the event between the finalists. Almost 300 international teams took part. The competition’s themes were extremely varried and challenging – cryptography, exploits, steganography, programming, forensics, reverse engineering are just a couple of topics out of the 25 of the qualification stage.

Similar activities to DCTF, but dedicated directly to participants of the event are Hack the Machine and App2Own where anyone will have various services and servers at their disposal through which they can test their skills and win prizes.

In just 4 years DefCamp has become the most anticipated event in the INFOSEC & hacking community in Romania. It’s the perfect moment to join in! For more details you can access the event’s website or write to