Training sessions marathon in premiere on the IT training market in Romania

The begining of autumn is an inportant one for the portfolio of courses we offer.

Engineers Alexandru Ana and Bogdan Cetinoiu are the ones that offered premieres in their training classes lately.

At the begining of September, Alexandru Ana has held for the first time in Romania the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 5.0 – UCCXD 5.0 course for students from Slovenia. They were thrilled by the fact that we adapted to their schedule and needs and the fact that the trainer is an english speaker mattered a lot. There are few trainers in Europe that can teach this course and not all are english speakers. Below you can find a few oppinions of Alexandru’s students at UCCXD 5.0 (we preffered to keep the text as it was written for veridicity):

First of all I was very satisfied with all the organization, since Bittnet organisators made it for us so easy and quick to organize the training. We also received some most important info before coming to Romania (regarding taxi service, hotel…). 

Also the training was perfect, since trainer had many experiences and he had answers to all my questions. He was giving the lectures fluently and perfectly in the matter of subjects. We paid much attention also to delicious food, good conversations in the coffee time and, beer-time was unforgettable too. We are definitely not able to forget kind hospitality that Bittnet staff gave us in evening hours. 🙂

The books received are excellent, also the lab is very well designed and sooooo much useful!
I would really like to say you all guys THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for excellent training and perfect hospitality.

The challenge to hold courses for the first time in Romania continued for Alexandru. Administering Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (AUCCE) v1 is the second course for which one of the students has waited for 2 and a half years to follow: I understood the basics of the scripts and how UCCE works, I was more courageous to test what we had already set up, we are ver pleased, esspecialy because we did exactly what we needed.

Bogdan Cetinoiu continous this trend with the Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Edge Network Services – SPEDGE which took place at the begining of October. Bogdan also likes to be unique, that is why he continous to offer us premieres. This time in the form of Deploying Cisco Service Provider Network Routing – SPROUT course which takes place this week at Bittnet Systems headquarters.

We like being unique and answering our clients’ needs and that’s why we’re not stopping. Bogdan promises that soon another IT training premiere will take place in Romania. On 11th of November he will be hosting Deploying Cisco Service Provider Advanced Network Routing – SPADVROUTE course.

We are glad we can open new roads on the IT training market in Romania. We invite you to be part in these premieres together with our team of professionals!

The calendar for the next period of training can be found HERE.