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It’s not IF, it’s WHEN! So, improve your Security!

Do you need to block hidden malware from both suspicious and legitimate before it reaches a user without sacrificing the ability to block high-risk sites?
Do you needed to do their jobs and denying them the use of undesired features such as games or file transfer?
Do you need a backup solution from the best security intelligence to stay abreast of the changing threat landscape, preventing the latest exploits from turning into tomorrow issues?

We recommend a network assessment once per year. Software can be outdated, cables unplugged, new features available. It’s important to be aware and it’s important to know your network. At least once per year you should analyse what data was transported over your network and by whom.
During a network assessment, we need a dedicated person from your company to make sure we are authorised to check the physical connections and that we have all the necessary information about the assessed devices.
After the on-site visit and the remote connections to gather the data, we’ll write down the report. This document is designed to answer the following questions:

  • What are the identified risks?
  • Did the hardware and software inventory change?
  • Is your network up to date?
  • What improvements can you make?
  • How much will it cost?(to mitigate risks, to optimise the network to support the business)

A firewall is a device or a software designed to filter and analyse the traffic redirected to it reading the labels of the packages (stateful packet inspection). A Next Generation Firewall is a dedicated appliance or virtual machine that can be installed on cloud or on-premises that offers more services then traditional firewalls: deep packet inspection, identifies thousands of applications, connects to external servers for updated malware signatures, server and URL reputation, server black-lists, integrates with Microsoft AD for user authentication, authorisation and accounting, geo-location and many others.
When you decide to secure your internet access or filter the traffic between different segments of your network, analyse the following:

  • What services do you want to activate on the firewall
  • How much traffic do you need to analyse
  • How many WAN connections do you have
  • How much would a cyber attack cost you
  • How does it prevent attacks
  • How fast will it react to block an attack
  • How can it help you identify the harm done by an attack
  • Do you need also VPN, URL filtering, IPS

After you purchase the firewall, before configuring it you should be ready to answer other questions like:

  • How many groups of users do you need?
  • How many VLANs do you need configured
  • What applications are business related
  • What periodicity do you have for your traffic

Any Next Generation Firewall implementation is done step-by-step:
1. Planning workshop
2. Install in NGFW in a monitoring state
3. Analyse the reports and recommendations after monitoring period
4. Reconfigure the NGFW for the defined scope
5. Periodical reports analysis and optimisation (if needed)

An access control list (ACL) specifies which users, groups of users or system processes are granted access to specific objects (e.g. files, folders), as well as what operations are allowed on given objects (e.g. read, write).
Many IT Managers start thinking about Access Control when they add wifi to their infrastructure.
This model is used for filesystem access permissions, for networking (on routers and switches), in administering different enterprise resource planning (ERP) or content management systems that include SQL based systems (databases).

Endpoint Security includes a software monitoring the behaviour of the performed processes, scanning the files for malware and connecting to the server to get the latest policies, updates or upgrades.

You can use one or more malware search engines.

We recommend Cisco AMP, Bitdefender, Kaspersky or F-Secure, depending on the solution that fits best to the customer’s needs.

Bitdefender provides very good malware detection capabilities, including a sandboxed application emulation environment, automatic unknown file analysis and continuous behavior monitoring, resulting in very good public test scores. The agent performance is very good, too, with low overhead. Good support is provided for public and private hybrid cloud-based management of endpoints, virtualized endpoints, AWS security as a service and Exchange.The high marks received from reference customers for support and service is the main reason for recommending this solution.

F-Secure Client Security the AV-Test “Best Protection” award four years in a row for endpoint protection for PCs running the Windows® operating system. It’s much more than just Anti-Virus. Client Security is proactive, heuristic protection against the latest emerging threats.It is uniquely able to provide impenetrable protection against all online threats while minimizing impact on system performance.

Protect your organisation from spam and detect phishing campaigns!
Email security concerns are not only the mass spam or unsafe attachments. Criminals find information on intended victims and create sophisticated and highly targeted attacks using the social media websites. They use social engineering tactics and personal information to deceive users.

Employees access rich HTML messages from any device, anytime and anywhere. This kind of access creates new network vulnerabilities. It’s time to safeguard your network and protect your users’ credentials.

When you think about email security, you should consider:

  • SenderBase security
  • Threat Operations Center
  • Dynamic Updates
  • Reputation Filtering
  • Category-Based Web Filtering
  • Forged Email Detection
  • Antivirus
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Graymail Detection
  • Outbreak Filters
  • Web Interaction Tracking
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Encryption

The World Wide Web is insecure and it’s very likely to contract a virus or download malware through legitimate websites. You can try to protect your devices and resources accessing social media and Web 2.0 applications in the office and on the go with a web security solution.
We think the best Web security solutions today should be backed by the best real-time security intelligence available to help you stay abreast of this changing threat landscape and prevent the latest exploits from turning into issues. And modern Web security should be able to support policies that give employees access to the sites they need to use to do their jobs while selectively denying the use of undesired sites and features like web-based file-sharing.

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