Improve collaboration

A better communication increases efficiency?

Unified communications technologies bring more value and efficiency to your network. These integrate in the same network infrastructure, data, voice and video to give your business more flexibility and significantly lower costs for network development and maintenance.
Unified communications solutions include:

  • IP Phones
  • Software Applications for Unified Communications

Now you can meet people around the world at the touch of a button. You can contribute from desktops in any location. You can stay connected on the go via smartphone and tablet device. And you can meet your customers’ high expectations on any channel and every touch point. Add to this HD video, intelligent audio, world-first cameras, and stunning designs – all at the best price possible.

Cisco’s Collaboration applications are designed to empower every user to continue collaborating when they are mobile with simple and effective, easy-to-use and elegant solutions. Led by Cisco Jabber, you can connect mobile users with co-workers to enhance team productivity, resolve issues and deal with requests in an instant

Cisco’s easy-to-use, simple to set up and cost effective in-room video solutions turn meeting spaces with no video equipment into connected Telepresence meeting facilities. Instant collaboration means your teams can be more connected and accessible – no matter where they are.

High-quality collaboration is no longer confined to the corner office. From any desktop in any location, your teams can stay in touch. Cisco’s range of personal collaboration endpoints deliver high definition video and intelligent audio to the desktop.

The Cisco customer collaboration allows you to deliver a personalized customer care experience however your customers chose to contact you. Virtualized pools of agents can work as one resource regardless of location and integration of video & social media can enhance the customer experience while differentiating your organization.

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