Nagios advanced custom course 

Materials: digital manual 
Attendance: 6 to 14 people 
Delivery: live virtual, English 
Availability: early 2019

Course outline

Course Outline





Day 1
1. Nagios XI 5 Installation
-> Linux OS Level Dependencies
-> Nagios XI installation Process
-> File Locations and Directory Structure
2. Nagios XI 5 Basics
-> Overall Nagios Architecture
-> Basic Approach to Configuration in Nagios
-> Monitoring Engine Overview
3. Monitoring Linux Machines
-> Using NRPE Agent to Monitor Linux Machines
-> Using SSH to monitoring Linux Machines
-> Using SNMP to Monitor Linux Machines
-> RAM, CPU, Processes, and Disk Space Monitoring
4. Monitoring Windows Machines
-> Using NSClient++ Agent to Monitor Windows Machines
-> RAM, CPU, Processes, and Disk Space Monitoring
-> Using WMI for Windows Monitoring
-> Using SNMP for Windows Monitoring
5. Monitoring Network Devices
-> Using Basic SNMP for network monitoring
-> Router, Switches, Firewall and Storage Devices



Day 2
1. Performance Charts, Graphs and Dashboards
-> Using Performance Charts in Nagios XI
-> Graph Explorer in Nagios XI
-> Simple Dashboards in Nagios XI
2. Alerts, Notifications and Escalations
-> Creating On-Screen Alerts and email notifications
-> Defining escalation flow for issues in Nagios
3. Additional Tools
-> BBMap
-> Minemap
-> Network Status Map
4. Reports
-> Standard Executive Summary Reports
-> Host and Service Availability Reports
5. Backup and Restore
-> Creating Backups for Nagios
-> Restoring Nagios from an old Backup

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Certification programs
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