Microsoft 50382 – Implementing Forefront Identity Manager 2010

In this course you will learn about the features and capabilities of Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 as well as get an overview of the solution scenarios that FIM adresses.

Who needs to attend

Who needs to attend?
This course is aimed at system engineers, developers, architects and project leaders that desire to gain an understanding of how Forefront Identity Manager 2010 can be applied to manage identity information across a number of directories or databases.

what you will learn

What you will learn

Upon completion you will know how to:

  • FIM concepts and components
  • Identify appropriate FIM scenarios
  • Manage users, groups, and passwords using FIM
  • Synchronize identity data across systems, such as Active Directory and HR
  • Issues involved in loading data (initial load, backup, and disaster recovery)
  • Configure security for different levels of user
  • Manage password self-service reset and synchronization
  • Automate run cycles
  • Handle sets, simple workflows, and management policy rules (MPRs)


Students need to have:

  • Sound understanding of the purpose
  • Some experience of the workings of Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Serve, and Microsoft SQL Server
Course outline

Course Outline

Module 1: Introducing Forefront Identity Manager 2010

  • Introducing FIM
  • Synchronization Concepts
  • Other FIM Concepts

Module 2: The Synchronization Service Manager

  • The Synchronization Service
  • The Synchronization Service Manager: The Management Agents Tool
  • Synchronization Service Manager: Other Tools

Module 3: More About Synchronization

  • Inbound Synchronization
  • Outbound Synchronization

Module 4: The FIM Service and Portal

  • Introducing the Portal
  • Integrating the FIM Service and FIM Synchronization Service

Module 5: Managing Synchronization from the Portal

  • Synchronization Rules
  • Outbound Synchronization Rules
  • Managing Users in Active Directory
  • More About Synchronization Rules

Module 6: Managing Credentials with FIM

  • FIM Password Management
  • Password Self-service Reset
  • Synchronizing Passwords – PCNS
  • FIM Certificate Management

Module 7: Group Management

  • Groups and the Portal
  • Managing Groups in Active Directory

Module 8: Other Considerations

  • Managing MPRs
  • Operations

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