Kubernetes spinoffs custom courses

Materials: digital manual 
Attendance: 6 to 14 people 
Delivery: live virtual, English 
Availability: early 2019

Course outline

Course Outline





Deploying Kubernetes in OpenStack – 1 day
– Deploying and integrating Kubernetes with an OpenStack private cloud.
– Kubernetes cluster auto-scaling.



Deploying Kubernetes in Public Clouds – 1 day
– Using a managed Kubernetes service (GKE – Google Kubernetes Engine).
– Deploying and integrating a custom Kubernetes cluster in Google Compute Engine.
– Kubernetes cluster auto-scaling.



CI/CD and advanced application life-cycle in Kubernetes – 1 day
– Managing application development, build, test and release with a CI/CD solution.
– Advanced deployment upgrades strategies (rolling update, blue/green deployments, etc.).

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