Jenkins basic custom course 

Materials: digital manual 
Attendance: 6 to 14 people 
Delivery: live virtual, English 
Availability: early 2019

Course outline

Course Outline





Day 1
Getting Started with Jenkins
Course Overview
Introduction to Continuous Integration
Introduction to Jenkins
Jenkins architecture
Overview of Jenkins UI
Setting up for Continuous Integration
Installing components
Getting to know our project
Setup our first project build
Build Triggers of Jenkins
Installing Jenkins
Using plugins
Creating and configuring a job
Running and monitoring jobs



Day 2
Continuous Inspection with Jenkins
Code Quality and Code Coverage metrics
Report generation
Continuous Delivery with Jenkins
Configure tomcat
Deploy to staging environment
Managing artifacts
Working with parameters
Scheduling jobs
Organizing jobs with views and folders
Defining stages with pipelines
Parallel Jenkins builds
Jenkins Pipeline as code
Distributed Builds
Master-Slave configuration

Follow on
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Certification programs
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