Cisco UCSDE – UCS Director Implementation Essentials

In this course you will learn about the capabilities of the UCS Director platform as well as how to implement this solution.

During this course you will learn how UCS Director can help you with your converged infrastructure investment by reducing the total cost of ownership as well as build internal private clouds and manage public clouds.

Who needs to attend

Who needs to attend?
This course is aimed at anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of Cisco UCS Director as well as data center professionals, cloud infrastructure architects, cloud engineers, network engineers, systems engineers, network administrators and storage administrators.

what you will learn

What you will learn
Upon completion you will know how to:

  • UCS Director solution, value proposition, and key differentiators
  • Components and implementation of UCS Director
  • UCS Director basic administrative tasks and settings
  • Physical infrastructure management capabilities and configuration of UCS Director
  • UCS Director virtual infrastructure management capabilities and configuration
  • Self-service portal and self-service catalog capabilities of UCS Director
  • UCS Director orchestration processes and capabilities

Students need to have:

  • General data center skills related to design, deployment, and operations of VMware vSphere, Cisco UCS servers, Cisco Nexus switches, and data center storage solutions

It is recommended but not compuslory:

  • Design, deployment, and operations experience with NetApp storage
  • Design, deployment, and operations experience with Microsoft Hyper-V and EMC VNX or EMC VMAX storage
Course outline

Course Outline

1. Introduction to UCS Director Solution Overview

UCSD Multi-Vendor Solution Architecture
UCS Director Converged Infrastructure Management
UCS Director Hypervisor Support
Multitenant Management Capabilities
UCS Director Value Proposition

2. UCS Director Components and Deployment

UCS Director Components
Environment and Setup/Requirements
Deploying the UCS Director OVF
Configuring UCS Director
Deploying the Cisco Bare Metal Agent OVF
Configuring the UCS Director Bare Metal Agent

3. UCS Director Basic Administration

UCSD Licensing
Setting System Parameters
System Support Information
Mail Settings
Configuring RBAC and Users and Groups
LDAP Integration
UCS Director User Interface Customization
Available Options via ShellAdmin
Services and Database Control
Appliance Time Synchronization with NTP
Database Backup and Recovery

4. Physical Infrastructure Management

Physical Accounts in UCS Director
Configuring Physical Infrastructure System Parameters
NetApp Infrastructure Discovery and Administration
VNX Infrastructure Discovery and Administration
VMAX Infrastructure Discovery and Administration

5. Virtual Infrastructure and Cloud Setup

Cloud Accounts in UCS Director
Adding, Testing Connectivity, Deleting, Editing Cloud Account(s)
Configuring Cloud Parameters
Virtual Infrastructure Management
UCS Director Policies
VM Policy-based Provisioning
Network Policy Management
Storage Policy Management
Computing Policy Management
Service Delivery Policy
Virtual Data Center Management
Catalog Management
Managing Reports and Monitoring
Cost Model Setup
Chargeback Reports
Advanced Cost Model Setup
Storage Tier Cost Model Setup

6. Self-Service Portal Management

Self-Service Portal UI
Catalogs and Services
Self-Service Virtual and Physical Infrastructure
Accounting, Approvals, and Reports

7. UCS Director Orchestration

Key Capabilities and Use Cases
UCS Director Task Library
Workflow UI Designer
Basic Orchestration Elements
Orchestration Task Libraries

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