Bittnet supports The Romanian Triathlon Federation

We are thrilled that this year Bittnet supports The Romanian Triathlon Federation in organizing the road triathlon circuit Bittnet Romanian Triathlon Series 2017. The circuit will have a record number of 8 stages, including major competitions, such as The National Triathlon Championship from Bucharest, European Cup from Tulcea or Trichallenge Mamaia.


This year, in the circuit, beside competitions well known such as Nostress Callatis, Pegas Triathlon Buftea, Transfier Olimpic, will appear new competitions such as Triathlon Challenge Constanţa or Triathlon Beliş. The premier of the circuit will be a special one, organized at The Romanian Triathlon Gala.


“The Triathlon is a sport defined by the variety of the trials and challenges, by the need of training and by the fact that performance comes, for most of the participants, from self-improvement and the confrontation with ones objectives. All of these: continuous self-improvement, the required seriousness and  dedication in order to follow your objectives, but also fun, are the components which describe Bittnet’s company culture.  Based on these similarities, the Triathlon suits us perfectly. We want to support the Romanian Triathlon so that (the healthy lifestyle and) common values will be known to many people, especially to children and young people.” – says Mihai Logofatu, CEO Bittnet.


Our colleagues have adopted a healthy lifestyle and are participating at many competitions, have different outdoor activities such as running, hiking, etc.. From our own experiences we have noticed the benefits and importance of a healthy and active lifestyle and this are some of the main reasons why we support these type of competitions and encourage everyone to follow our example.


Hope to meet you at least one of the competitions!


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